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February 2, 2023

10 Apps for Long-Distance Couples to Stay Connected

Guest Post, written by Farlyn Lucas

Sometimes, work throws our relationships a curveball by making distance a thing temporarily. Careers like corporate employees, or in healthcare like traveling nurses, can face unpredictable work schedules. Without communication technology, this often puts a strain on relationships. Instead of relying on outdated chat software, using the best relationship apps for couples will provide a smooth and meaningful connection for modern life.

Best Free Apps for Long-Distance Relationships

Just because an app is free does not mean it is inferior. What kills long-distance relationships is not the lack of highly advanced technology, it’s the disconnect. There are several social media apps available that are specifically designed for intimate relationships. While some of these brands are easily recognizable, certain features have been updated.


Skype is one of the first VoIP websites to become popular. VoIP stands for virtual office phone service, but Skype does more than act as a phone. Video calls are available through a phone or web browser and can be used to make international calls.

Some of the key features Skype provides include meeting access and a connection to Alexa or Amazon Echo devices. While it was originally used for business, it has now become a go-to for couples who live apart.

Their Premium plan is ideal for large organizations. For couples, the free version is available for iOS and Android in addition to its classic browser option.


WhatsApp is known for its international services. Work travelers in the healthcare industry will often choose WhatsApp because it is reliable in most areas of the world. By relying on Wi-Fi, this service bypasses text charges from cellular-data networks. It is now used by over 2 billion people.

This app has both texting and video options. Up to eight people can be on the same call regardless of where they live. For couples with families in other parts of the world, this is one way to bring everyone together.

End-to-end encryption is used for secure messaging. This means only the people who are writing and reading messages are allowed to see them.

WhatsApp Business is designed for businesses to display products and services. This membership plan charges based on conversations, but the first 1,000 are free. Their free service allows users to secure messaging options and reliable calls.

Best Free Apps for Long-Distance RelationshipsDiscord

Discord is a popular free app for people who like to talk regularly. The main difference between Discord and WhatsApp is the community. Discord provides open communities centered around specific topics or games. This can be one way to “do” something with a partner in real time while living apart.

A channel is used for posting images and text. Couples can share photos and ideas through private channels if they are looking for one-on-one communication. Private messages can include others so that long-distance couples can have group dates.

Discord is a free service that works as a hybrid between a bulletin board, a text service, and a simple chat room. Depending on the relationship, couples can connect with only each other, friends, or people they’ve never met.


Lovedays help couples remember important dates. Anniversaries for a first kiss, first date, and first year are available as well as wedding anniversaries. This app is usually used throughout a relationship.

The earlier in the relationship the app is downloaded, the more valuable it becomes. This way users can mark all the special occasions they want to remember as they are creating their traditions.

The app can be used anywhere in the United States and is free to download. It is primarily a mobile app and works well with both Android and iPhone. Lovedays is rated “E” for everyone and encourages all ages and nationalities.


HeyTell essentially works as a walky-talky for long-distance relationships. Couples can send voice messages and short videos to their partner without a required profile. Its popularity is, in part, due to its simplicity. The app is easy to install and intuitive to use.

HeyTell only works on the iPhone and other i-devices, but it is available in many different countries. Like sending a text message, voice messages are delivered instantly and can be replied to whenever the recipient chooses.

Unlike talking on the phone, voice messages can be saved and stored on an email server. The connection is secure and can use either Wi-Fi or an unlimited data connection. Text messaging support is available, but couples only need to push a button to speak.

Best Paid Apps for Long-Distance Relationships

When something is available for free it’s hard to justify paying for the same service. Fortunately, these apps offer unique features that make a noticeable difference for long-distance couples.


Kast recently acquired the old app Rabb.it, but functions similarly. Instead of a member-focused platform that relies solely on other people for entertainment, Kast offers the ability to watch movies and shows together.

Watch parties have become increasingly popular during the pandemic. Not only are they a safe way to hang out with others, but they offer couples a romantic activity they can do together regardless if they’re in the same city.

The pricing structure is similar to many streaming businesses. Kast offers an ad-free option and the ability to share webcams and videos at the same time. The premium selection is $6.49 per month or $59.99 per year. The Base subscription, however, is only $9.99 per year and includes the ability to host watch parties.


Between is slightly different than other apps for couples. This allows users to track anniversaries and sync schedules as well as messaging. Because it focuses on already-established relationships there is a larger emphasis on planning events together.

Heart stickers are available for purchase. These can be sent like regular heart emojis, but they also show when the recipient has read their message. As soon as one person has opened up their message, the heart sticker will disappear allowing the other partner to know that the message was read.

The app can be used on multiple platforms including desktops. A Between Plus membership costs $2.99 per month, but a free version is also available. The free version allows users to chat and compare schedules, but the photo quality is not nearly as high as it is with the membership. A paid membership also allows users to download photos and videos all at once.

Rave Premium

Rave is an app that lets couples watch youtube videos together regardless of where they’re located. While the original platform is free, Rave Premium provides better-quality streaming with zero ads.

Couples can choose from a variety of streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney, and Amazon Prime. Movies can be watched on mobile devices as well as desktops and Google TV. For couples who want to have a group date, other couples are available online to share the experience.

Rave Premium is $1.58 per month, but the movie streaming services are not included. To access Netflix or Amazon Prime couples will need a separate subscription.

Best Paid Apps for Long-Distance RelationshipsTouchNote

TouchNote is a unique app for long-distance couples because it involves significantly less phone time. The app allows couples to easily send customized postcards to their loved ones. Once a postcard is created the company prints and mails the design to the address specified.

There are premade templates available through their app that can be used for special occasions such as Birthdays or Valentine’s day. For creating an entirely original postcard the interface is easy to navigate. Typically cards arrive in two to three days and are available in multiple sizes.

Annual membership costs $58.99, but a monthly prescription is offered at $4.99. This includes the postcard itself as well as the postage price.


Coupleness takes into account the necessity for consistent communication in a long-distance relationship. The app emphasizes daily connection by prompting users to share how they feel with their partner for at least one minute per day. This helps during stressful days as well as monotonous ones.

Their “Question of the Day” feature allows couples to focus on key issues. These themes include growth, gratitude, romance, and the future. This app is designed to be used long-term to keep couples talking about a variety of topics including emotions.

A monthly couple’s plan is $3.99, but a yearly plan is $19.99. Coupleness works for both the iPod touch and iPhone.

How to Keep Your Relationship Strong When Living Apart

A long-distance relationship takes consistent effort. Missing the everyday details will add up when one partner is in another city or country. Apps for long-distance couples help foster deep connections both abroad and at home.

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