Dr. Zoe Shaw“I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert, a Mother of 5 and Wife of 22 Years.”

Hi, I’m Dr. Zoe Shaw. I have been curious about people and their behavior since I started “studying” psychology as a 4-year-old, sitting in my mom’s psychology class in college. I disliked the babysitter and would beg her to take me to class with her instead.

I was quiet as a mouse, sitting at the desk next to her, doodling on paper and listening to the professor talk about human behavior. Conversations with my mom, coupled with my first legitimate psych class in high school, solidified an early decision to pursue my doctorate in clinical psychology.

Conversations with my mom, coupled with my first legitimate psych class in high school, solidified an early decision to pursue my doctorate in clinical psychology.

Today, I am no longer that quiet little girl. I am an outspoken, busy mom of 5 kids (4 at home- one with special needs) currently doing what I love. In my personal life, I have been a wife for 23 years and am currently raising teenagers AND a pre-schooler. For me, there’s never a dull moment!

I have been a licensed psychotherapist with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology for 16 years and it’s my great joy to help busy women, just like you, create a life you truly treasure.

My inspiration to become a therapist and coach first came from my Mom, but was quickly followed by my time as a student and amateur athlete at UCLA. I’m happy to share that I still compete today.

As an athlete, I have had a mix of coaching, from unskilled to elite Olympic Coaches. I draw on this experience to help clients through their own life challenges. In my practice, I offer you a mix of traditional therapy to help with areas that are difficult to overcome (and are likely rooted in the past), as well as Relationship and Life Coaching skills to help you achieve the goals you are seeking.

Being an athlete gives a different perspective on what it takes to affect change in one’s life. Great coaching offers some clues that can illuminate the path for getting to your goals.

Here’s what a good coach can do for you:

A good coach studies his athlete with the purpose of learning how to best motivate his athlete because he understands that everyone is motivated differently.

A good coach knows how to ride the fine line of pushing his athlete so that they develop strength and supporting them to prevent injury.

A good coach capitalizes on his athlete’s strengths and learns to help the athlete minimize their weaknesses.

When I work with clients, I see a side of humanity that most people don’t witness on a regular basis. It is an honor to do this work. It’s not only beautiful but also deeply rewarding. I possess a unique empathy for others because I strongly believe that all behavior makes sense in its context.

This belief precludes me from judging your choices (let’s just get rid of guilt!) and makes me curious with you about your life and why you made the choices you did. From that place, we can learn from your past and make better decisions in the future- transforming your life and relationships into your dreams!

If you’re ready to explore your own path, what you want from the future and how to achieve your goals, I can help. I offer all new clients a free 30-minute consultation where we can explore together the work you want to do and how I can be of assistance. Please email me at zoe@drzoeshaw.com or call me directly 661-544-4088 for an appointment.