What Exactly Is Coaching Anyway?

Coaching is about Getting stuff done! It’s about stretching your performance and desired outcome to its full potential. Coaching provides you with a focused accountability and a fresh, new perspective as you work on accomplishing your goals, resolving your challenges, changing unhealthy patterns of behavior and moving into action. You will leave with tools and skills that you will continue to develop and carry with you into all of your endeavors

Why You Might Want Me To Be Your Coach:

As both a coach and a trained, licensed therapist, you get a 2 for 1 with me! As a therapist, I have significantly invested in my training, degrees and experience and have wealth of psychological knowledge about motivation, thinking and behavior. As a coach, I pull from my experience as an entrepreneur and a trained athlete to motivate you and help you get your desired results.  I often mix a little psychotherapy in with my coaching and vice versa. It is common that a coaching client may choose to transition into psychotherapy once coaching goals have been met and I often transition psychotherapy clients into coaching clients as they move towards health and discover or create different goals for their lives.

Clients who work with me best in a coaching framework are:

  1. Goal Oriented
  2. Have some specific issues they want to change in their lives, relationships or business.
  3. Are feeling blocked (mental, emotional or logistical) as they work towards attaining a goal
  4. Need a trained 2nd perspective necessary for seeing blind spots as they move towards their goals.
  5. Desire accountability and mentorship during the process of working towards their goals.
  6. Looking for tools or strategies to accomplish their goals faster or easier.

Everyone is a work in progress and we can all benefit from some fine tuning in the ways that we conceptualize, plan and behave as we tackle our goals.

What Can You Expect From Me:

You’ll find me active, focused and engaged. I am a guide, a coach and a cheerleader as I walk with you towards your success. I shoot from the hip and get right to the issue that is keeping you stuck.

  1. I will give you my undivided attention as we focus on shorter term, quantifiable goals related to your life, relationship or business.
  2. We may visit the past as it relates to your current goals (specifically obstacles) but we won’t spend a lot of time analyzing your past.
  3. In coaching, time frames are not as rigid as in therapy. As we progress, you may just need to check in for a 15 min session for direction or feedback, or there might be something that comes up that we need to spend a longer than normal session working out the details.
  4. Coaching is collaborative and client led, based on what you want to accomplish.
  5. I will give you homework related to your goals and the specific topics we addressed in the session. Homework moves you from thinking and conceptualizing into action and production.

Confidentiality: I hold my work with and the information you give me to the same standard as my therapy patients. Coaching can be even more confidential than Psychotherapy because insurance does not cover your coaching sessions and therefore no diagnoses or confidential medical records are disclosed to insurance companies.

Do I have to Come to Your Office?

Absolutely not. One of the wonderful perks of coaching is that it can happen anywhere. I coach clients Worldwide! Although I do phone sessions, I also love working with a camera system such as skype because we can see eachother face to face and it isn’t any different than if you were in my office sitting a few feet from me.

What Do I Expect From You:

I expect you to understand that change doesn’t happen only in the minutes that we speak with each other. Although you may have some cool lightbulb moments, the actual change and progress happens as our talk transforms into action. We start the engine and put into place the steps necessary for you to confidently walk toward your goals. You must be willing to experiment with new ways of conceptualizing and acting in the world. I expect you to be collaborative and provide honest feedback about what you are and aren’t willing to do and how well strategies you have implemented are working in your real world.

Do You know you need some help and direction, but you aren’t sure which one is best for you?

No worries! I offer a free 30 min. consultation where we can connect and figure out if we are a good fit and whether coaching or therapy works best for you!!