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March 27, 2022

Overcoming People Pleasing- Tolerate a little less


People-pleasers are known for doing whatever it takes to make other people happy. While being kind and helpful is generally a good thing, going too far to please others can leave you feeling emotionally depleted, stressed, and anxious.

In Today’s episode, Trina Stutzman and I talked about her fails and wins in life. Her journey on pleasing people and how to overcome it and important to understand some of the reasons why you might be engaging in this kind of behavior.

Trina Stutzman helps leaders overcome the disease to please using the SPACE method, as a result clients eliminate overwhelm, gain back health and lead with confidence. Services include personal coaching, Reiki, retreats and coaching circles.

Trina outlines steps from her book (link below) to learning how to tolerate less and experience more emotional intimacy in your relationship (with yourself and others) as a result.


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12 Steps to Overcome People Pleasing

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