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April 12, 2018

When It’s Okay For A Strong Woman to Quit

     You’re reading this because there is something in your life that you have an inkling you need to let go. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, a dream or a life path, you know you really shouldn’t be involved in it anymore. It just doesn’t feel right, but you aren’t sure what to do about it.
I don’t know about you, but I have a million don’t quit mantras in my head that make quitting feel the same as failing to me. They all say that if I choose to end something in my life, I am a failure. When you think of yourself as a strong woman, quitter doesn’t play into that description.
Having perseverance is a wonderful, necessary quality for success, but it only works efficiently, if you also possess the ability to know when it’s time to give it up.
I know you’re probably waiting for a crystal clear answer and it would be so much easier if life could yell at you, “okay, it’s time to quit now!” But it doesn’t. Only you can really answer that question for yourself, but here are some sure signs that you need to go ahead and stop this thing- whatever you are doing in your life.

1. When you aren’t continuing just because you put so much into it. It’s okay to acknowledge that you put a lot into it. Even if you were all in and your blood, sweat and tears are involved, you are hurting yourself if this is the main reason why you won’t give it up now.
You’re hanging on to the past as if it will somehow affect your present or your future. It won’t. If you are living in the past, it’s difficult to ever get ahead. The truth is that all is not lost because you have gained some life lessons from the experience.

2. When your priorities change. Life doesn’t stay the same and the dreams and plans that go along with it can change over time. Sometimes our priorities change, yet we keep doing following the same behavior, not realizing that it isn’t really a priority in our life anymore.
Have you ever been listening to some annoying kid’s music in the car before you realize that you dropped them off an hour ago and you can listen to your own music now. That happens sometimes with our entire life if we don’t pay attention.
If you are acting on auto pilot, it’s time to sit down and take a long look at what things in your life are still serving the original purpose and which ones are just flying under the no longer needed radar.

3. When your why is wrong- Ask yourself- if no one had any say or opinion in your choice to quit or keep going, what would I do? Honey, there’s your answer!
If you aren’t letting this go because you don’t want to disappoint someone else or you’re afraid of what someone else will think, it’s time to quit- both whatever you are doing and your need to please at your own expense.

4. When you realize that it’s never going to get better (nothing is going to change). You’ve tried and you’ve tried and you’ve tried again. Every angle, every option you have pursued to try to make this work has yielded the same result.
You know the definition of insanity. Stop trying to convince yourself that it will work on the next try. Either invest in someone who can help you view and attack this from a different angle or let it go.

5. When it’s sucking the life out of you. Hard work is so rewarding when it yields good fruit. The ability to persevere through tough times is a necessary quality for success in all areas of your life. So is the ability to discern when you are on a treadmill for no good reason.
You know when something energizes you or it drains you. Energy producing activities or people actually stimulate creativity and enjoyment. When you are dreading, dragging and procrastinating every time you think of tackling this issue, you have to realize that it is emotionally draining you. And the question is- Is it worth your emotional health?

6. When more work won’t bring more success. My sister and I once owned a business that was just not working. The plan was flawed and we figured out (finally admitted) later than we should have, that no matter how hard we worked on this business, it was not going to be a success.
We made the difficult decision to quit, despite all that had been invested. It was the best decision because it made room in our lives for better opportunities. And the bonus is that we were able to tackle these opportunities with some extra wisdom under our belt.
Just like continuing to try the same thing over and over is an exercise in futility, so is throwing harder work into something that can’t yield anything more.
Quitting isn’t an end. It’s an opportunity to open a new door if you can bring yourself to close this one that isn’t working for you anymore. Connect with me if you are struggling in this area and would like some help.

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