How to Build Emotional Grit and Resiliency | Neeta Bhushan

Neeta Bhushan is an international speaker, advocate of emotional confidence, author, and socially conscious entrepreneur. Her tragic story of losing both her parents and her brother as a teenager and coming out of an abusive marriage embodies the definition of grit and resiliency.

In this episode, Neeta and I discuss how to build resilience, what it means to “fail forward”, why we need to start owning our story as Neeta does, why you need to set boundaries and say “no” more often, the difference between a being a super martyr and a super woman, and much more!

Dr. Zoe’s Health Tip

In this Health Tip segment, I talk about why you need give yourself some grace around eating during the holidays but still stick to a plan. I also provide some of my favorite tips on how to do just that.

Real Talk

In this Real Talk segment, I was inspired by two different friends who’ve recently come to me about situations with their spouse and children that have left them feeling responsible, and guilty,  for their families’ actions. At what point do we become responsible for the actions of those around us? Find out in this episode!

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