How Your Childhood Affects Your Relationships | Dr. Sarah Schewitz

What’s This Episode About?

Dr. Sarah Schewitz is a licensed psychologist and she is also a couples’ therapist. In this episode, we’re talking about how your core wounds from childhood affect your relationships, why some women continuously date unavailable men, what limiting beliefs are and how they apply to our relationships, four sets of behaviors that lead to divorce, and much more.

Dr. Zoe’s Health Tip

During a recent stressful hospital visit with my daughter, I realized we all have a problem with self-medication. While it doesn’t always come in the form of actual medication, we constantly try use certain things to help us cope with stressors when we should actually learn to process the stressors instead.

Real Talk

In this special Real Talk segment, Dr. Sarah Schewitz helps me answer some listener questions about relationships including what to do if you have a partner who won’t quit a bad habit that really bothers you and what do to when a guy you’re talking to online stops messaging you back.

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