Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone – It’s Time! | Maura Sweeney

Maura Sweeney is the author of the book series, The Art of Happiness, and her experiences range from corporate sales manager to suburban housewife, homeschooling mom to publisher, speaker to entrepreneur, and so much more.

In this episode, we dive into making major transitions in our lives, the importance of exiting our comfort zones, and the competition among women.

Dr. Zoe’s Health Tip

In this Health Tip segment, I explain with it’s important change it up when it comes to your workout or lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to do something different and understand that changing your physical activities can kick start your metabolism.

Real Talk

In this Real Talk segment, I provide some advice on how to deal with “crazy” mother-in-law and explain why it’s important to let yourself be vulnerable every now and then.

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