Making Peace with Your Stress | Kathy Gruver

What’s This Episode About?

Kathy Gruver is an award-winning author who’s published seven books, a natural health practitioner, has a PhD in natural health, and is the host of new national TV series, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet.

In this episode, Kathy and I talk about why stress isn’t a bad thing, how to properly manage your stress, how your eating habits can influence how you handle stress, and she provides some quick tips for mamas that will help their kids eat healthier.

Dr. Zoe’s Health Tip

In today’s health tip segment, I’m talking about perimenopause; including why it’s not too early to start learning about the symptoms and how to deal with them. I also specifically mention how the herb Angus Cistus and Menopause Support Tea can help.

Real Talk

In today’s real talk segment, I provide my insights on two similar questions I received from women who are in a seemingly good long-term relationship but their partners say they still aren’t ready to get married.

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